Set in a conservancy of 1000 square metres’ nature reserve, with an abundance of impala, bushbuck, duiker, blesbok, monkeys, bush pig, mongoose, porcupine, reptiles, fungi, plants and insect life of all kinds, bird life galore, river and forcest as well as open veld and our own freerange chickens, beehives, food forest, ponies and arena, Animalia Learning Center is the perfect place for free play and exploration. The learners collaborate in constructing natural jungle gyms and play areas like tree houses, swings, climbing walls, dam/s to swim and fish in, bush shelters etc. Go-carts, mountain boards and off-road bicycles are part of our array of educational equipment. A Mountain Bike track is also evolving.These constructions grow and get added to as we grow and play, shaping our environment with responsibility and co-ownership. The Umhlatuzana River, a stream flowing through our property and the rest of the Madwala Conservancy, has natural clay deposits for mud, clay art and general fun activities, as well as ideal picnic spots and recreational areas.  

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Indoor play range from Lego, building blocks, cooking, jamming on musical instruments, board games and card games to Creative free style art, reading, creative writing, online gaming and coding as well as desktop music programming. We facilitate these sessions informally and learners acquire skills from their peers and with some guidance from us where applicable. Learners’ interests and personal purpose in life come to its own, in its own time, as they explore and try out the various options on their adventures that weave through these various learning areas available to them.


facilitated activities

Daily movement and focused warm up exercises for body, mind and spirit are part of the structured programme, followed by online and offline academics.

Outside experts offer such extra murals as Drama, Art and Craft (including Graffiti Art, Clay Work, Sculpture, Woodwork, Metalwork, Design and Photography), Creative Writing, Horse Riding and related equine skills like natural horsemanship, Music, Movement, etc.

A major focus is Self-Sustainable / self-reliant living such as off-grid water harvesting, food foresting and foraging for wild and free edible and medicinal fungi, plants, seeds, insects and fruits etc. as part of our daily activities. We also teach and learn natural off-grid building skills, alternative energy generation, and participate in and initiate community action projects. We are members of Assagay Conservancy.

These activities change and flow throughout the year as per the requirements of learners. Suggestions and add-on’s are welcome! Learners that are keen on more traditional and competitive sports join any of the numerous clubs and schools in and around our area. Remedial Teaching is also available where specific learning areas and individual learners require such.

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online learning

Online Learning is a fun, modern way of engaging learners in the more formal side of learning. It is like a buffet menu, where each child selects the courses, subjects, pace and levels that are relevant to them. It also allows for individual interests to be nurtured, and opens the learning process to be self-directed and self-paced to a large extent.

We outsource accredited online learning curricula for the UK’s Cambridge system, USA’s GED Online and SA Caps.

Self Directed Learners / Unschoolers bring their own research materials and books or links to online content they are interested in, and/or we create learner centred Numeracy and Literacy content for them specific to each unique individual’s passions and interests.


DTO at is our number 1 recommendation for the Cambridge curriculum.

THINK DIGITAL COLLEGE at is great for CAPS and another version of Cambridge from Grade R – 12.

GED Online is at

There is also BRAINLINE at for the IEB syllabus.

There are many more options, discuss with us if you need guidance.

The curricula needs to be bought directly from the service providers. Ask us for the perfect one for your child, each one is different.

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Lots of additional learning happens too, where we go offline to make virtual lessons more tactile via play.

project pres elan grey wolf
tree house build

some of the facilitated activities offered:


ciara jump