Nature is our best teacher. Ever watched animals at play? We are animalia, a large, beautiful family evolved into many different shapes and sizes. Nature reminds us: Playing is learning. When learning is fun, our attitudes are positive and we are more open to learning new things. With more skills learned, we have even more fun! The result? Happy healthy human beings.

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Online Learning is a fun, modern way of engaging learners in the more formal side of learning. It is like a buffet menu, where each child selects from an accredited curriculum the specific academic courses, subjects and levels that are relevant to them. It also allows for individual interests to be nurtured, and opens the learning process to be self-directed and self-paced to a large extent.

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Facilitated fun is where we learn more formal skills in the game of life. From popular sports, arts and cultural activities to alternative games and lesser known sports, each has a place in learning. Our relationships with each other, our physical bodies and our mental and spiritual development love the challenges, mysteries, interaction and break throughs of a good game!

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fun learn play create 


Life is our classroom

Living is our curriculum

Loving is our teacher


The world is our classroom and the things we do teach us what, where and why we need to know as we grow.


Details of our activities and daily programme can be downloaded from THIS PAGE – SEE Download Animalia learning principals and weekly programme BUTTON on the left.

Animalia Learning Center is a nurturing space where children can be themselves, honour their innate natural talents, interests and abilities whilst connecting with other like-minded beings.

We have a mix of learners between ages 4 – 19 sharing an intimate space for maximum 25 full-time and part-time kids. We learn from and about life in a non-adversarial environment, encouraging cooperation rather than competition, and embrace free choice with responsibility.

Our Learning Center is an alternative school offering a unique and loving space for homeschooling and unschooling or Self-directed Education (SDE) children to interact and socialize in, and with, an environment that allows for freedom and independence, promotes self-discipline in a casually implicit way, and is surrounded by nature and peace.


Our acitivities are inclusive of modern day technology and hands-on creativity. We are not anti-devices, we embrace modern means of communication as part of evolution, and encourage balance.

Acitivies include – but are not limited to – photography, music, online desktop music programming, writing, woodwork such as tree-house building, sculpture, ceramics/clay work/pottery, painting, drawing, baking, sewing and reading. We do online learning, gaming and programming, social networking, parkour, physical games and sports, all things equestrian, environmental activities focused on eco-agriculture, conservation and sustainability through our Water Explorers club.

Individual and group councelling are formally and informally addressed through play and individual sessions where needed.

We focus on social outreach and service to our community, reaching out to all animals including 2 legged humans as well as four- and no-legged critters. We are in partnership with the Animal Farmyard in Bothashill as we learn animal husbandry, yard maintenance, animal rescua and relocation, and care for our animal family all round.

An abundance of climbing trees, a large conservancy with loads of wild life, river and dams become children’s hang out and learning places. Our space is constantly evolving as the learners interact with it. They take responsibility for, and participate in making it their own.

A large resource library of books, lego, board games and cards for children offer more playtime exploration and life skills development.

Uncapped, superfast internet is included in the set monthly fees.

We are not a school, we are an environmentally sound, real world community center for real life learning. The learning process here is mostly self-paced and self-directed.


Informal, project-based, experiential learning is our core service combined with offline as well as online reflection upon that experience.

We also offer state of the art online learning for learners who want to compliment their learning experience with a more formal curriculum alongside our informal creative, environmental and other extra curricular activities.


Animalia Learning Center operates as a democracy: The children participate in making the rules for the center.

Communication, relationship and expression is key in daily life. Problem solving and any issues that arise are dealt with as a group and fleshed out together, or extended to individual councelling sessions.

Our daily program combines a structured time-table blended with informal activities. Among others, we do light daily warm-ups with movement and physical games, brain gym etc. Each process intends to facilitate children’s freedom of expression, holistic development and grounding.


We use accredited service providers for online learning curricula, such as Think Digital College for the CAPS and Cambridge syllabus from Grade R – 12, GED Online for ages 16 upwards doing matric, Brainline for IEB, and others.

Learners bring their own laptop, tablet or I-pad.

We facilitate their daily learning and we do not teach or act as a replacement for school in the conventional sense. We offer a caring facility and provide the infrastructure for a registered distance learning curriculum which learners can complete when parents can’t supervise them during the day. It is still the parents’ responsibility to monitor their child’s progress, in partnership with us.

Programs like Think Digital College offer online tutor support at an added cost. If this is not sufficient for your child, then extra after care tutoring can be arranged by the center in addition to the set fees.


Children who do not wish to enroll with any of these online programs, such as unschoolers or those working with alternate programmes, bring additional materials from home. This could include learning materials or projects of their own making, games or books. Children may also bring their own tutors if they wish.


The center is managed by life-partners Simone and Niko, both qualified and SACE registered teachers with 20 – 30 years’ experience respectively in education.

Our backgrounds range from formal, government, private and remedial education to informal, rural, developmental and correctional training.

We have been homeschooling our own children since 2014. 


We are located in the magical Valley Of A Thousand Hills, Kwazulu-Natal.

Contact us to come see and try out the experience for yourselves. 


Learners officially attend 8.30am-1pm Mondays to Thursdays, but afternoons may accommodate additional extra murals, extra lessons and related activities.

Fridays are outing days. We participate in community outreach projects and join other homeschoolers in and around the community for environmental, educsational and social activities.


Details for different packages and days per week can be downloaded from THIS PAGE – SEE Download Fees and Registration Form BUTTON on the left.

Usual rate R300/day ad hoc and try out when without parents. For full time (Mon -Thurs, R3960 monthly @ R247.50/day), R297 for one day/week (R1188 monthly) and everything inbetween. Siblings discount and fees adjustable according to parents’ financial means.